Manual for Teachers

Full commentary on the Manual for Teachers of ACIM

Course Summary


What a Teacher of God is and how to function in that role.

What a pupil is and why this term is only used in the Manual for Teachers while student is used elsewhere.

The characteristics of God's Teachers and why they are all based on trust.

The Course's explanation of reincarnation and whether it is a valid concept. 

If psychic powers are valid and desirable. 

Answers to some of the most asked questions submitted by Course students. 

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Rich McGuire Larry Brasher

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Manual for Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have dedicated ourselves to learning and teaching A Course in Miracles with the knowledge that we teach what we are. We function from the place of true experience and being. In perception, we minister as miracle workers extending the light that we are directly to your mind. In form, you are studying and learning through our courses, but much more is being accomplished through our joining and sharing at the level of the mind. There are no accidents, and if you are reading this right now, you have been directed by Spirit to receive from our ministry.

The ego thought system is one of giving and getting, investing and profiting and buying and selling. In our valuations, unconsciously we believe that something that is "free" has absolutely no value. We have found that most of us take more care and commitment to utilize that which we purchase so as to obtain the value from the investment we made. If you have taken our complimentary course on The Preface of A Course in Miracles or our complimentary previews of most courses, you know the great quality of our teachings.

Yes, you can request a refund in writing to our email address outlining the reasons for your request. The ego would have you get and not give, but a purchase is a commitment on your part. However, we are confident that you will not only enjoy our teaching but will experience tangible and unmistakeable results, not only in your of A Course in Miracles, but in your ability to forgive and extend miracles. Our faith and belief is that you will enjoy greater fruit of the Kingdom of God in love, peace, joy and happiness.